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    ___________________T H I S__I S__I D E N T I T A R I A N I S M __________________________________________________ %%% SELF-INTEREST The Kosovar Serbs of mine are the culture of 1999: 1) rap-rock, 2) teen pop, [renamed "PME" by yours truly], 3) pro wrestling, Also included is drinking 4) soda, [from dry mouth since '01, thanks to lithium medication] _ _ _ _ _ $$$ INCENTIVE For the Blue Empire. The less you have in, the more will come out.
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    * Did you understand the “imagine the world is Milosevic-ruled Kosovo” section of the summary? If yes, then you know why I don't watch movies for leisure's sake. ---- But these 1999 films are for *every* Identitarian: 1) American Beauty, 2) Fight Club, 3) The Matrix. ---- At IMDB.com, the yr's top 3, too. And notice the summary‘s >first and last< words. REAL Hollywood action, no $10 ticket needed.
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    * See movies.
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    * "Bring out the beauty in others"